Sherwood Forest oak trees

Double UK tree cover And help combat climate chaos

Plastic-free stadiums

Sports fans – we're up against some ugly opposition. We're talking about plastic pollution seeping into the big-game experience. 

Some stadiums are starting to offload unwanted plastics. Several football teams have trialled reusable pint cups. Others have pledged to reduce single-use plastic across their stadiums. But no team is anywhere near claiming the title of plastic free.

Sign our handraiser to show your support for getting single-use plastic out of sport.

13 ways to save water

From 20 degree heat in February to a dismally wet June, extreme weather patterns look like the only thing we can safely predict nowadays.

Regardless of whether or not we experience a heatwave, our water system is overstretched, and climate chaos is expected to heap even more pressure on our depleting supplies.

Our handy guide to save water shows how you can reduce your water footprint and do your bit for people and planet.

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