Sherwood Forest oak trees

Double UK tree cover And help combat climate chaos

We're facing a climate emergency.

Our planet is warming, our seas are rising, but politicians just aren't acting fast enough.

Trees remove climate-wrecking carbon from the air around us, making them one of our best solutions for protecting the environment.

Join us in petitioning the UK government to double tree cover by 2045.

Why should we double tree cover?

Doubling tree cover isn’t just about creating prettier spaces (although we admit that’s a perk).

The UK urgently needs to achieve net zero – removing as many emissions as we produce – if we're to regulate the planet's temperature.

Our CEO Craig explains how this campaign can help combat the climate emergency – and improve our health and wellbeing along the way.

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10 fascinating facts

English oak, Superman and the weeping willow all have something in common: they help fight against harmful forces.

But as well as making our planet a healthier place, trees possess a whole host of incredible talents.

We bet you didn't know half of the following facts...

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Community resistance

In February 2018, 200 mature native British trees were felled to make way for a new housing estate in the County Durham market town of Darlington.

Local people were horrified and bereaved.

But now a community is fighting back to protect the remaining trees and create a new natural park for the town.