School kids with Clean Air school packs and air monitoring tubes

Using our Clean Air Schools Pack: Redlands School, Notts

The young eco warriors at Redlands School in Nottinghamshire are fighting dirty air using the Friends of the Earth Clean Air Schools Pack.
  Published:  13 Mar 2018    |      2 minute read

We know air pollution is a threat to most of us in the UK. But children are particularly vulnerable to poor air quality. Some kids even grow up with smaller lungs because of it.

That's why Friends of the Earth developed a Clean Air Schools Pack. Designed in conjunction with teachers, it transforms pupils into budding scientists. It provides fun and engaging lesson plans that take them on a journey to understand air pollution, its effects and what they can do about it.

Hundreds of primary schools across the country have already got their hands on the Clean Air Schools Packs – and 97% of teachers and parents would recommend it!

We know teachers and parents like our Clean Air Schools Packs – but what about the school children? What do they think?

In their own words, here’s one group of primary school children in Nottinghamshire describing their clean air-testing project:

We are the Redlands School year 5 Eco Warriors. We have decided to focus our project on the air around our school, to see how clean it actually is. We think the air is going to be clean, but not as clean as we hope.”

About our Clean Air project

“When we received a Clean Air Schools Pack from Friends of the Earth, we met to look at the pack together and to chat about how we would carry out the project.

"To help with our project we designed a survey. We asked the children in all 14 classes how they travel to school. If we find out how many children and adults travel to school by car this will help us with our project, as car fumes contain harmful gases that can affect all living things and our ozone layer.

"We can use the information we get to try and encourage children and adults to walk or car share.”

Primary boy in school sweatshirt in class holding air monitoring tube.

How we tested the air at our school

“Together we placed two tubes in different locations around the school, one in the school adventure playground and one outside the reception area.

"The reason for the one in the adventure playground is to see how much clean air children breathe in while playing. The reason for the one outside of reception is to see how many car fumes escape from the cars while travelling to school.

"We removed the white cap from the tubes so they could capture the air. As instructed, we waited 2 weeks until we removed the tubes from their locations. We sent the tubes off in the package that came with them, placing the barcodes on each tube and filling in an online form.

"We are now waiting for the results, and will be analysing the survey on car use after we receive our results."

Want to check for clean air at your school?

So there you have it – one group of school children taking action on air pollution. This is the kind of work Friends of the Earth is supporting across the country.

Thanks, Redlands Eco Warriors, for sharing your story with us.

We want children, their parents and teachers to know that we can make a difference. Together, we can stop the injustice of children breathing in illegal levels of air pollution.

Will you help bring this work to your local primary school? Just click the button to order a Clean Air Schools Pack.